Handmade shoes
Exclusive footwear for men or women, each pair made by hand and made to measure with its own unique character. I’ve been making shoes for twenty years in a workshop not far from the Rialto Bridge, Venice. Shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, moccasins and decolletes: models inspired by delicate fantasies or by classic designs, revisited in the use of materials and colours: bright red, pink, purple, orange.
Each shoe is an organic whole: the decoration is not added as an afterthought but comes from the ‘body’ of the shoe itself, resulting in a complete, sculptural work. Blossoms of nylon, heads of cobras, pistils, frills, magical exoticisms. The world is a reservoir of inspiration, let’s take advantage of it!
My lines blend between elegance and sensuality, sobriety and chance. Why not imagine a pair of shoes as a single object instead of two separate entities? Voilà! Here are asymmetrical designs, a chance for unpredictable complementation. But, on request, I can also return to the classic models.
In each model I try to combine originality with comfort, but I don’t stick with a particular design or line of shoes. I continue to explore the peculiarities of the materials I use: from skin to leather to fabrics and plastics, playing with tradition and modernity without restrictions or taboos.